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Find reporters at breaking news and planned events, and stream or download content live.

Content at lower cost and without expensive agency subscriptions.
GlobalM enables anyone with a smartphone to be a reporter, and to earn money from their content.
Forget time-consuming verification of social media; authentication and quality control are built into the GlobalM platform.
Eye-witness coverage made simple.
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Reporters can propose live or file-based content, whether breaking news or planned events.

Once a media organization books the content, the reporter gets paid.

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Bringing together stories, lookaheads, and coverage, the GlobalM dashboard provides assignment desks with a simple overview of what’s happening and what’s available, right now.

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Media organisations can connect with citizen and freelance reporters at the heart of the story.

Locate and communicate, harnessing cellular connectivity and the latest newsgathering technology.

GlobalM’s assignment desk is designed by editors for editors.

Locate citizen and freelance journalists close to the action. View their ratings, communicate with them and book them.

GlobalM embraces mobile journalism while harnessing the latest newsgathering technology and mobile connectivity.

If you’re a new reporter, GlobalM staff will check your content until you become a verified user.
Once a media outlet downloads your file or accesses your live stream, you get paid.

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