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How it works

How does the GlobalM network work

Our network can scale to multiple takers, allowing one stream source pod (receiver pod) to scale to multiple stream destination pods (sender pods), all with their own unique SRT, RIST or RTMP stream URI for each stream destination.

GlobalM can be used with any SRT, RIST or RTMP compliant encoder or decoder, as well as with the integrated SRT mobile app for iOS and Android.

Each sender pod is integrated with NVIDIA DeepStream to transcode and remultiplex signals to different standards for each taker in the world.

GlobalM is perfect for point-to-multipoint content distribution, replacing satellite or private fibre networks with a more affordable internet solution.

Effortless for users

Does not require proprietary hardware.

Supporting all open standards and protocols, Media Outlets can use existing equipment to receive GlobalM streams as well as open source players.

Easy to set up.

Using the GlobalM mobile app is as easy as pressing a ‘Go Live’ button within the app and receiving a stream link and decryption code to access the service.

Innovative and game-changing.

From the enormous amount of feedback we are receiving from the media industry, our cutting-edge software-driven network and app are best described as ‘disruptive.’

SRT return vision and audio.

The GlobalM mobile app is much lower in latency and is producing a better stream video quality than what you would normally get from satellite.

Saves between 50% to 90% over satellite and legacy networks.

Using internet, there is no need for expensive legacy networks.

Scalable and elastic.

The network resources grow and shrink based on real-time demand. Stream distribution scales without losing the quality of a single stream.

Better than satellite quality.

The GlobalM streaming platform is much lower in latency and is producing a better stream video quality than what you would normally get from satellite.

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