September 07, 2021

Replacing satellite contribution with Broadcast as a Service (BaaS)

World Rugby used GlobalM for the World Rugby Sevens Repechage, delivering contribution streams to several different rights holders across the globe.

During the recent World Rugby Sevens Repechage Olympic qualifiers from Monaco this past June, the GlobalM software-defined video network was used for live contribution, completely replacing the use of satellite uplinks. Streaming directly from the Stade Louis II stadium in Monaco, the 17 Mbps H.264 stream was delivered simultaneously to rights holders throughout Europe, South America, and the Oceanic regions.

The GlobalM network replicates stream copies from a single ingest point and delivers the live content to local points of presence closest to each rights holder's location. The unique design of the GlobalM network allows for SRT packet recovery without impacting the source stream or other rights holders' streams in the network. This allows point-to-multipoint data transmissions with full packet recovery for multiple service takers using SRT. Each rights holder received their own SRT stream URI and did not share technical resources with other rights holders in the network.

Throughout the three-day event, rights holders received the World Rugby Sevens Repechage live coverage at much lower latency and significantly lower cost than if satellite had been used for content delivery.

“With the widespread industry adoption of SRT, the ability for not only broadcasters, but also new online streaming subscription services to receive high quality and low latency contribution streams without the high costs associated to satellite is now possible for all”
— says Paul Calleja, CTO of GlobalM.

The overall result at the end of the event was a cumulative 180 hours of contribution streaming without a single service interruption. For more information on the GlobalM network and services, visit

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