About GlobalM

GlobalM is built by a team of individuals who work daily to facilitate the flow of content while ensuring editorial verification of citizen journalism and social media content.


We are a team of media leaders, journalists, social newsgathering and verification specialists, technologists, engineers, and television industry professionals. We recognize a need for media organizations to have more content available to them in real time with a global perspective.


GlobalM provides a service for crowdsourcing news and sports content. We built our media platform based on the needs of news and sports content contribution, and this led to the development of an advanced secure video streaming network to meet the requirements for high-quality low-latency LIVE or file-based video delivery over the internet.

GlobalM provides services for:

• Crowdsourced news and sports content

• High-quality contribution for sports, news, and events

• Media content and rights management

• Event management and services


GlobalM revolutionizes news and sports by enabling anyone with a smartphone to be a reporter, and to earn money from their content, embracing mobile journalism


Elastic video network, automatically scaling with demand and delivering optimal broadcast quality video for news and sports applications


Provides a platform to locate citizen and freelance journalists on a map for coverage of breaking news, planned events, and on-demand assignments


Through an editorial verification program, profile and user ratings, reporters and citizen journalists can create trust with news organizations


Pay-per-use news lowers the cost of relevant content to news organizations, avoiding expensive agency subscriptions

The GlobalM Live Video Network

SRT Ready Live SRT Stream 4G/5G Internet Backhaul Stream Receiver (Asia) Broadcast CDN GM SRT Restreamer Partner network Stream Sender (Europe) Decoder Internet Router Internet Router Internet Router Internet Stream Sender (USA) Decoder Decoder

The GlobalM streaming solution is designed to be a high-availability (HA) and scalable system that automates and geolocates streaming resources to the closest points of presence on the AWS network for each stream origin and destination. Using the SRT protocol, we achieve sub-second latency and optimal contribution quality bit rates predominantly with H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC).

Addressable Markets

Reporters & Citizen Journalism

Newsrooms and media outlets can locate reporters close to the action and book live coverage.

Contributors upload or stream news stories and allow pool access to newsrooms for an upfront fee.

Citizen journalists can respond to assignment jobs posted by media outlets to provide live or non-live content based on predefined requirements.


Sports federations and broadcasters can distribute live content to takers with rights management and encryption.

Our SRT-based video network provides video transport technology that is redundant, secure, and very low in latency, meeting the requirements of the sports industry.

News Exchanges

Newsrooms can upload and offer their own news stories and content, selling the rights to other news organizations.

Exchange communities can be developed for newsrooms that regularly exchange content.

Special EventServices

From ‘Breaking News’ to Planned Events, GlobalM can facilitate ‘LIVE’ reports from the scene, close to the story.

Production facilities, remote production and transmissions use IP connectivity over our secure network. Satellite and fiber solutions remain available upon request.