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We specialize in advanced streaming technologies for News, Sports and Entertainment.

Discover the benefits of GlobalM

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Saves between 50% to 90% over satellite and legacy networks.

Using mobile and 4G/5G connectivity, there is no need for expensive legacy networks.

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Scalable and elastic.

The network resources grow and shrink based on real-time demand. Stream distribution scales without losing quality of a single stream.

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Does not require any proprietary hardware.

Supporting all open standards and protocols, Media Outlets can use existing equipment to receive GlobalM streams as well as open source players.

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Easy to set up.

Using GlobalM is as easy as pressing a ‘Go Live’ button within the app and receiving a stream link and decryption code to access the service.

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Innovative and game-changing.

From the enormous amount of feedback we are receiving from the media industry, our cutting-edge software-driven network and app are best described as ‘disruptive.’

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Better than satellite quality.

The GlobalM streaming app is much lower in latency and is producing a better stream video quality than what you would normally get from satellite.

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