September 13, 2023

GlobalM Releases New IP Monitoring, Switching, and SRT Bonding Features to be Showcased at IBC2023

Geneva – 13th September 2023 GlobalM has announced the latest updates to its software-defined video network (SDVN) ahead of IBC2023. The GlobalM solution orchestrates cloud resources for SRT, RIST, and RTMP video transport services, integrating cloud computing into broadcasting workflows. New features include advanced IP monitoring, seamless switching, and SRT bonding.

The GlobalM SDVN can scale to multiple destinations, allowing one stream source pod to expand to multiple stream destination pods, all with their own unique stream URI for each destination. To further enhance the GlobalM workflow, advanced exception monitoring now allows users to detect and handle exceptional issues related to data packets on a specific segment. Real-time monitoring ensures immediate detection and response to issues, and traffic analysis identifies unusual spikes or inconsistent patterns. These monitoring updates enhance the SDVN’s reliability, security, and performance.

To ensure uninterrupted transmission of audio, video, and data signals, GlobalM now also features seamless redundant circuit switching. This is particularly important to maintain continuous operations for live events and critical broadcasts that the solution is regularly used for. GlobalM allows for multiple parallel paths to be available to avoid downtime or signal interruption, with seamless switching mechanisms to avoid any glitches during a transition. SRT bonding aggregates multiple network connections to increase bandwidth and redundancy, combining connections to create a single, more robust connection that increases the overall throughput. This ensures a high-quality and secure transmission solution for the live broadcast of high-value content.

GlobalM can be used with any SRT, RIST or RTMP compliant encoder or decoder, as well as with the integrated SRT mobile app for iOS and Android. Its new enhanced cloud media processing (transcoding / remultiplexing) capabilities using NVIDIA GPUs, the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, and the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK, offer complete cloud-based workflows for media contribution, distribution, and remote production. Users can transcode to many formats from one input, and the network responds to real-time demand and stream distribution scales without losing the quality of a single stream.

Paul Calleja, CEO and Chief Technology Officer, GlobalM, said: “For broadcast engineers that are accustomed to traditional processes, GlobalM emulates a router panel, enabling scheduling, routing, and monitoring similar to conventional master control room procedures. Its latest updates ensure that broadcasters can deliver live content seamlessly, even in challenging network environments, while maintaining low latency and data security. The GlobalM network is designed to be user-friendly and allows users to seamlessly engage with cloud systems, adapting IP technology to broadcast users rather than the other way around.”

The GlobalM solution will be demonstrated at both the Matrox stand (7.B15) and the NVIDIA stands (8.C41b and 7.A605.C90) at IBC, RAI, Amsterdam – 15th to 18th September 2023.

GlobalM has been shortlisted for an IABM BaM Award in the Connect category for its software-defined video network The IABM BaM Awards recognise outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. WInners will be announced at the IBC Awards Ceremony on the 16th September.

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