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Media organisations can easily create assignments for their own staff reporters and videographers.

Each organisations has its own administrators, adding user roles and permissions for their own staff.
The web interface allows for on-screen messages to the GlobalM smartphone app, as well as technical management, return vision, and audio via SRT.
Locating freelance reporters on a map is easy and viewing their GlobalM profile and skillsets will help you to choose the best freelance reporter for your assignment.
You can offer direct assignments to your favorite freelance reporter or create notifications with geofencing to see which reporters are available in a particular location.
Bookings are confirmed with a couple of clicks, using a pre-authorized corporate credit card for payment.
All live HD content is streamed using SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) compatible with many professional hardware- and software-based decoders.
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Coverage depends on communication.

GlobalM is built so that media can cover all types of events, providing a platform to connect with reporters.

Keep track of the reporters that you use and like. Build new contacts on a daily basis around the world.

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GlobalM is a solution for crowdsourcing news and sports content.

We built our media platform based on the needs of news and sports content contribution, and this led to the development of an advanced secure video streaming network to meet the requirements for high-quality low-latency LIVE or file-based video delivery over the internet.

We verify reporters to provide a real-time view of what they have covered and why you can trust them.

All metadata is compatible with your MAMS (Media Asset Management Systems) and supports NewsML-G2.

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Bringing together stories, breaking news, and future planned events, the GlobalM dashboard shows Live streams and file-based content, providing assignment desks with a simple overview of what’s happening and what’s available, right now.

Manage your own encrypted exchange group with one or more media outlets for both live and file-based content.
GlobalM is compatible with all SRT Plugged devices, in addition to iOS and Android smartphones.

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