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The GlobalM streaming solution is a High-Availability (HA) and scalable network that automates and geolocates streaming resources to the closest points of presence on our network for each stream origin and destination.

GlobalM Network on a map

GlobalM Network

How GlobalM works

Our network can scale to multiple takers, allowing one stream source pod to scale to multiple stream destination pods, all with their own unique SRT stream URI for each stream destination.

Each sender pod can integrate with NVIDIA DeepStream to transcode and remultiplex signals to different standards for each taker in the world.

This is perfect for point-to-multipoint content distribution, replacing satellite with a more affordable internet solution.

GlobalM Network on a map
Storage unit

The GlobalM network can be used with any SRT encoder and decoder connected to the internet.


Network services are provisioned via the GlobalM web application and managed in real time, be it a permanent or a temporary assignment.


With currently 10 gateway points of presence globally, we are adding new gateway locations regularly around the world.

GlobalM iOS application

GlobalM application

Using the SRT protocol, we achieve sub-second latency and optimal contribution video quality bit rates with H.264 (AVC) using our mobile apps.

Our camera app view has been carefully designed to provide professional functions with ease of use.

Using the GlobalM application, return vision links can be established to the camera app with a return SRT URI.

Addressable Markets

Journalist speaking on camera

Remote Production

Media production following COVID-19 has become more distributed than ever before.

Other web conferencing technologies do not provide the expected quality required for a remote link that is typically provided by satellite or private fibre networks.
Our SRT network and app is ideal for remote production services allowing remote guests to easily connect with a production in broadcast quality and low latency.
Multiple cameras and return vision links can be connected via external encoding equipment provisioning a true remote production setup for all types of media companies.
Cameraman recording sports match


Sports federations and broadcasters can distribute live content to takers with rights management and encryption.

Our SRT-based video network provides video transport technology that is redundant, secure, and very low in latency, meeting the requirements of the sports industry.

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European Film Awards 2019

European Film Awards 2020

Live streaming from GlobalM app

Reporters & Citizen Journalism

Newsrooms and media outlets can locate reporters close to the action and book live coverage.

Contributors upload or stream news stories and allow pool access to newsrooms for an upfront fee.
Citizen journalists can respond to assignment jobs posted by media outlets to provide live or non-live content based on predefined requirements.
Special event stage

Special Event Services

From ‘Breaking News’ to Planned Events, GlobalM can facilitate ‘LIVE’ reports from the scene, close to the story.

Production facilities, remote production, and transmissions use IP connectivity over our secure network.
Satellite and fiber solutions remain available upon request.
Studio control room

Content Exchange Networks

Media Outlets can upload and offer their own news stories and content, selling the rights to other news organizations.

Exchange communities can be developed for media companies that regularly exchange content between each other.

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